Sunday Night and My Father Loves Me

I missed writing yesterday. Well, I wrote a title, but then couldn’t think of anything else to add.

Tonight, I was tempted to head to bed but refused to go 2 days without writing. I’m trying to get back in the habit of writing everyday. Which is why this blog is designed so very simply. No worrying about the right words to put in the title, no worrying about which plugins I need so my SEO is perfect. Perhaps I’ll create another social media blog one day, and if I do, I’ll add a link at the top of of this blog, but right now, it’s about writing, and that’s all. The rest will (possibly) come later. Or not. I’m not worried either way.

I’m tired tonight. It’s been a long weekend and the week to come will likely be busier still. And I’m still recovering from the glutenizing last weekend. It seems like it takes longer and longer for it to clear out of my system after I have anything with gluten. This time it was from eating fried rice at a restaurant. I love fried rice, but most of the time I remember that I can’t eat it because usually it’s made with soy sauce and almost always that soy sauce has wheat as one of the ingredients.

But it’s rice – one of my favorite foods. And I look at the fried rice and completely forget that I can’t have it. Until I remember again – later in the evening or the next day, when I start getting sick.

That was yesterday’s post – it snuck into today’s, I guess. The title of yesterday’s was supposed to be, “Gluten – Uggh!”

Today’s is about listening to the frogs sing in the background while the guys watch Batman 3 in the other room and the refreshment that comes from sitting alone without anyone needing you or trying to get your attention. And the realization during worship at church today that somehow I had been drifting away from remembering that my Father loves me.

It’s the short version of a way of thinking: My Father first and always loved me, and so as a child knows that their parent loves them and will take care of them, I also know that my Father will always love me and that His love for me has no bearing in what I do or who I am, nor is it anything that I can control. He loves me, and always has, since before I was born. Even though I miss up, He still loves me and always will, even to the end of the earth.

Knowing that I carry my Father’s love with me, wherever I go and whatever I do, is freeing. I stop trying to earn His love, which I could never do anyway. And instead I simply live out of His love. It enables me to love others even to their faults because I know that I’m loved, faults and all.

Lately instead, I’ve been feeling like I was far from deserving His love – which is a truth of sorts, but it’s a half truth, or as I teach my boys, a lie. Because the whole truth is that I can’t ever deserve His love, but I also never have to deserve. Just like my sons don’t have to work to deserve my love, I’ll love them regardless, they are part of my heart.

And I am human, and so fallible, and so far from who I want to be, and God is perfect, without sin, without failures. So how can I even think of loving my sons the way I do and not think that God’s love for me goes so far beyond that, that it’s like night and day. I don’t have to deserve it, or worry about not deserving it, or even try to deserve it. All I have to do is rest in His love and know that it’s always there.

Oh, totally off subject, but Bane’s voice in Batman 3 does not sound like a villain.


Working on our Minecraft server

Haven’t had much time to write today, most of the time has been spent on Minecraft.

A couple weeks ago we finally purchased Minecraft for the computer after all three boys (Ken too) got hooked on the iPad/Kindle versions. Since I hadn’t really caught Minecraft fever, and since I knew that they had a lot more fun being able to play together than alone, I figured out how to set up a server (on a Mac) and we’ve enjoyed playing as a family ever since.

Setting up a Minecraft server that covers everyone’s wants takes some doing though, especially since I’m just teaching myself much of the programming that goes into it. And so I managed to erase everyone’s home settings today (the place you go back to, to rest or store your stuff or whatever). Thankfully I finally figured out how to reset them, I was afraid for a bit that they were lost for good.

This is the kind of stuff I find fun though, a lot of logic and some creative time to relax my brain. And watching the guys have fun and even seeing them hanging with their friends on the server makes it all worth it. 🙂

Getting the site set up

I must admit, I’d forgotten how much fun it is to set up a site. Picking the layout is just a small part of it, although since the layout is the first impression a visitor gets, it’s definitely important. More fun though is setting up the behind the scenes stuff. What plugins are you using to make the website do what you want? Today I found a plugin called Page Links To that lets me make page names on my blog go to the links I want them to go to. So now I have a Minecraft blog that is linked and a LifeGroup blog instead of just a permanent page.

Hello world!

Hard to believe I’m blogging again. After I stopped posting on, I wasn’t sure I’d ever have a real blog again. If you’re curious, you can probably find the old posts on the Wayback Machine, they’re not up on the site anymore after some issues a few months ago managed to delete all the sites I owned.

I’m starting this time with a super simple layout. Perhaps over time it’ll change, but for right now, the simplicity is a breath of air. I know I need to add some Plugins though although I’ve been out of the blogging game for so long that I’m not sure which ones are necessities and which ones I can just avoid.

Wonder if I can get back in the habit of writing every day? It’s something I’ve been wanting to do, and perhaps putting it out here on a blog will make it easier to carve the time out to do it.

If you’re wondering what you’ll find here? Probably a little bit of everything, or at least the things that are important to me: God, grace, family, friends, social media, games, and life (and quite a few others that aren’t crossing my mind at the moment). 🙂