Working on our Minecraft server

Haven’t had much time to write today, most of the time has been spent on Minecraft.

A couple weeks ago we finally purchased Minecraft for the computer after all three boys (Ken too) got hooked on the iPad/Kindle versions. Since I hadn’t really caught Minecraft fever, and since I knew that they had a lot more fun being able to play together than alone, I figured out how to set up a server (on a Mac) and we’ve enjoyed playing as a family ever since.

Setting up a Minecraft server that covers everyone’s wants takes some doing though, especially since I’m just teaching myself much of the programming that goes into it. And so I managed to erase everyone’s home settings today (the place you go back to, to rest or store your stuff or whatever). Thankfully I finally figured out how to reset them, I was afraid for a bit that they were lost for good.

This is the kind of stuff I find fun though, a lot of logic and some creative time to relax my brain. And watching the guys have fun and even seeing them hanging with their friends on the server makes it all worth it. 🙂