New Facebook Change – not for the better

I’ve been noticing another change on Facebook, and it’s definitely not one of my favorite ones.

On several friends’ posts, I would notice a comment with the name in pale gray, and a triangle with an ! inside (also grayed out). Hovering over the triangle would tell you that the comment had been deleted.

But here’s the thing, the comment itself shows up just fine, in fact, it’s still just as readable as ever (not grayed out like the rest of the comment block), and because of the color change from the rest of the posts, it even stands out a bit more than it would otherwise.

Soooo, if you make a mistake replying to a friend’s post, don’t automatically assume that your post disappeared when you deleted it. Odds are good that people will still be able to read your post for at least a little while after you remove it, although they’ll know that you were trying to remove it. Yeah, it sounds rather weird to me too. 🙂

Our Modern Classical Homeschool

This year, Will will be in 10th grade and J in 5th. Since I hadn’t heard of Ambleside until last year, we don’t teach entirely with their recommendations, although I use their weekly planner to help me schedule our classes, and I use many of their book recommendations throughout the school year.

Usually, I take notes on AO’s recommended readings, order a Sonlight catalog and look at their recommendations, and then start searching online to see what else I can find. The resulting syllabus tends to be a combination of modern and classical, especially as the boys add their suggestions into the mix (usually more science although this year, I expect music to play a larger role).

I won’t list Ambleside’s suggested readings, you can get a copy of those for free at Ambleside Online. Over the next posts though, I will share some of the books that we have ended up with and links to download them off of Amazon. If you purchase through the links I share, the money will go toward purchasing more books for our homeschool and if there is any left over, to keeping up the website.

Getting ready for another year of homeschool

Once again, we’ll be using Ambleside Online for the main part of our schooling. I really liked it last year and I think the boys did as well.

Will will be in the 10th grade this year. It’s hard to believe how rapidly he is growing up. Music is one of his electives, and web design will be another one. We purchased a program through Udemy on sale for $10 that presents you with a certificate at the end of the web design course. At the least, it will be enough information to get started, and from what I’ve seen, it looks like a very good course.

J also selected a course, he will be learning Python this year. It sounds like a good start to learning programming, and for $10, I’m not out much if he decides he’s not interested.

For the price, I couldn’t pass up adding  course for me as well, so I picked one on publishing your own book. You have lifetime access to the programs, so even if I don’t use the information this year, it’ll be there when I’m ready to use it.

A Strong Woman

My son called me out on this the other day. “Mom, you said you were fine, when you thought you’d broken your hip. How do I really know when you’re fine?”

It made me stop and think. Integrity is one of the things I want my children to learn from me, but if I’m not being honest about how I am, what example am I giving them?

I don’t have an answer yet. There are times when sharing that we’re not fine doesn’t seem like the right thing either. I didn’t want my children to worry, at least until I’d gone to the doctor and knew for sure what was wrong. But, if the shoe was on the other foot, I’d want them to tell me. So… I guess it comes down to what I tell them frequently – treat others the way you want to be treated. (Not just applicable in relationships between brothers.)