About Me

Hi, I’m Te-ge. It’s pronounced T G. My dad made it up. 🙂

I am a home-schooling, creative photographer, social media researcher, and computer nerd mom of 2 awesome boys. Seriously! I look at them sometimes and wonder how I was so blessed as to get to be their mom.  

The love of my life is my husband, Ken. We met online, in a Christian chat room years ago, when he lived on one side of the country and I lived on the other. Nine months later, we were married and I was moving across the country, leaving everyone I knew behind for the grandest adventure ever. More than ever, he is my best friend and heart mate – the person I share everything with, and nothing seems real until we can share it together.

Our Grace journey began about 3 and a half years ago. Isn’t it odd how you remember the times if not the day, that your life changed? I was sitting on our sofa, doing my Bible study in the early morning. Once again, for the umpteenth time, I was studying Abraham, rereading Genesis 15. I had read it all before, but this time, when I got to Genesis 15:6, something clicked. And Abraham believed, and God counted it to him for righteousness. That’s how the New King James Version reads, which was what I was studying at the time (I’ve since switched to the Message Bible for most of my studying). And Abraham believed….

Unconditional love is life-defining. Learning to Believe that God loves you is life-changing. It’s also not easy. I suspect I was like an adopted child who has been in the system so long that they have to test and retest and then test some more to make sure that their new adoptive parents are really going to keep them.

I remember describing it to Ken as a one of those perpetual motion pendulum machines where you swing a ball and the ball on the other side bounces almost as far the other way. Learning that God loved me, not bassed on my actions, but based on who He was, bounced me to the other side of the pendulum, testing to see if He’d still love me regardless. Yet, through all the testing, I felt God’s presence and more importantly, His love so strongly, that I could barely take a breath without feeling overwhelmed with His love for me.

Thankfully, Ken experienced it too. I loved his description one day, “It’s like I’ve fallen in love with God.” What a perfect description, as the intenseness of God’s love for us was as strong and more than the intensity of the feelings of love we feel for each other at the times when being in love overwhelms your soul and all you can do is ask, “Do you, I mean, really KNOW, how very much I love you?”

So now you know the start of my grace journey. The rest I share here, through writing, photography, quotes, and anything else that speaks to me.